Metal fabrication services are unique from company to company; some prioritize big production runs at a cheaper price while others prefer smaller business with more opportunities for customization. Some run a variety of services, while the rest choose to specialize in but a few.

Before choosing a shop for metal fabrication services, look into the following:

Experience in the Business

A good custom metal fabrication shop won’t think twice to show you the credentials of its engineers, fabricators and designers. Nor is it going to shy away from giving references from contented customers.

Technical Skills

Versatility is a rather clear gauge of whether a Vancouver Mobile Welding shop can provide for your needs. Specific industries require dedicated non-standard equipment, adherence to stringent hygienic and sanitary standards, or using custom fabricated products that can endure severe conditions. Not all metal fabrication shops have the capability to provide custom products which adhere to the different design, build and finishing regulations required by specific industries.

Industry-specific Experience

All industries have their own unique compliance and regulation requirements. If a metal fabrication shop always provides good quality products to manufacturers in the chemical, biotechnology, food processing and pharmaceutical industries, chances are they can manage even the most challenging requests. These are the industries with the strictest set of manufacturing guidelines and specifications.

Types of Materials Used

Worthwhile metal fabrication companies only make use of premium quality materials. Making sure the fabricator can access the right grade of stainless steel or metal alloy needed to complete your project, is a clear but crucial element that can be overlooked early on as you choose a certain Vancouver Welding Shop.

Turnaround and Rates

Cost is a big consideration in selecting the right shop, and it all comes down to what you have to pay for the materials as well as for labor. A project’s turnaround time is very, very important, but so is making sure that job gets done right. A fast turnaround is always preferred, but only the best fabricators can make this possible without compromising other areas of the project. Good design engineers will make you understand the production process thoroughly and tell you when it’s reasonable for you to receive your high quality product.

Shop Location

Business location is without a doubt relevant, especially in today’s manufacturing industry. Although centrally located industrial hubs would have been enough in recent decades, proximity to customers, product control and fuel costs are becoming increasingly important for doing successful business. That has given rise to manufacturing “clusters” distributed across the country. Whether you want a metal fabrication company that is close to your own facility or to your customers, make sure you crunch the numbers so that the company’s location can makes the most business sense for you.